Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Promises, Promises

Promises, Promises

Do you suppose
that when you die
God will know
the flag you fly
-- Methodist
Muslim too
just to name a few?

Do you suppose
all of those
will have their
separate, distinct and unique
Heaven, Hell and Purgatory,
with space reserved
especially for you?

Some places will be
better endowed
with comfort
and eternal bliss
-- fewer rooms
of fiery doom,
pain and everlasting suffering.

And what of the 72 vestal virgins
promised the righteous
bearded ones,
nestled in the bosoms
of nubile concubines,
lounging about
in the heavenly gardens of Babylon?
Others are not promised these.....

Where will these chambers be found
by the curious wayfarer,
wandering the
Celestial Realm,
set adrift in a sea of eternal bliss,
heretofore only imagined
by ambitious prophets,
preaching gospels of promise
to a craven apostles,
driven mad by
ambition, dedication
and uncommon zeal?

How will all of these souls
find each other,
secure their place
ahead of their brother?

Don’t tarry,
don’t delay,
be on your way,
this very day,
to your place,
-- a special space --
or a room
in eternal doom.