Friday, July 22, 2011


a time
that was
has met
its end

what held
seemed firm
and forever
the center
about which
all turned
in its

not to
be lost
in sadness
nor forgotten
in legacy
but enduring
in memory
with all
who remain
among those
who assume
what is
theirs in
their time

until all
yields to
the transient
moment we
know as
our own

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Simple Requests

bring to
me the
sum of
all things

a collection
of begnine
innocents content
and happy

the amount
of rain
water in
a bucket

the smile
that opens
the possibility
of endlessness

an amount
that multiplies
itself twice
over again

a laugh
not stolen
from a
lie untold

an array
of slowly
dissolving violet
blue sunsets


we know
what cannot
be told

that alone
is enough

each day
a new sensation
facing gray

what remains unanswered
is always why
not how
or when


if purpose
be divined
it is
to seek
insight into
shifting light
where paradox
rotates about
a core
but we
bound by
fateful decree
merely sense
what stirs
in our
midst a
moment longer
than an
interval would
permit time
to unfold
at fingertip

Against The Grain

to all
who thought
an easy
route could
be found
through a
field of
grain wet
with rain
no trace
remains where
where they
came to
claim what
was sought
by easy
gain free
of pain
and ill
boding all
in vain
the lesson
gained that
no one
passes this
way against
the grain

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


to get there you cannot hurry
let the dust settle in your wake

as you enter the shroud of
of night shattering light

fanning out before you
breaking through to

the other side parting
the way as you pass

fenceposts as markers and
milestones of progress on

the route that has no name
signals and no turns

to alter its course
accommodatating your way


when all that was
rests serenely
in its place
a persistent question
will emerge of
why this was
how it came
to pass as
all moved in
accustomed manner through
a maze of doubt
inquiry persistence and
confusion of where
why and how
it claimed to be
life in its myriad
forms and infinite variety
held in mystery
part wonder and dream
enfolded in fantasy
wrapped in delusion
running full and free
while time could not
pause to rest or
collect what fell away
in its cyclical rounds

Rite of Passage

night drones on

a man walks the tracks
alone past what
he has forgotten

light is neither
symol or necessity
in a ritual

consummated as a
rite through which
he must pass

before he is
absolved and

Take This

take this

it is all
I have of
what could not
be possessed nor
denied of what
became breath passed
on from whence
it came gathered
among the lost
in a galaxy of
glimmering moments lamenting
the loss of
all that was forgotten


than possibility
might conceive

than reality
could believe

than cutting
edge conceils

fused in
beginning forming

into probability
in time

unity and
disparity within

tolerated by
deference referred

inference become
something of

formed separate
and alone

Saturday, July 9, 2011

At 73

I rise
to fall
no more

kiss away
doubt and

moving inward
as I fan outward
beyond imaginary

venturing to the
core knowing the
will of my

conditions I make
are mine
to hold and possess
in the narrowing inverval
accorded my