Friday, March 23, 2012

Catch of The Day

A sudden, startling clap shattered
the still silent scene
out of the corner of my eye

an arrow of gray feather plunged headlong
into the cold, rippling surface,
sinking talon into flesh
grappling with its catch
beneath the shallow depths

a rush of feather and foam,
flying in all directions,
paddling furiously, struggling
to break free of the bounds
of water and gravity

the catch dangling precariously
in the iron clasp of claw
encircling his girth,
a look of incredulity
and disbelief
spreading over his face
at the sudden transfer
of fish to fowl

while the distance between him
and his former domain
slides away toward infinite space,
shifting the balance
from water to air

gaining speed toward
another destination
a crown of thorns
above a salt marsh

a date with fate,
culminating in an ancient ritual of
consecration, communion, consummation,
celebrating the sacrifice
of one life for another

an endless cycle of
birth, life and death
just out back,
hard by the sand,
not far from here.