Tuesday, May 12, 2015

If You Go There

if you go there
tell me if the
cover is on the well
the barn is still there
and the tree stands
next to the house
by the dusty road
down the hill
where he used to get air
under his wings
and soar around the meadow
in the glider he built
setting it down easy
get out and laugh
that he had defied gravity
for a few moments
suspended on bone dry air
everybody thought he was crazy
but wouldn't tell him
so now he rests
wearing the grin
of a man who had
the last laugh

You Are To Me

you are to me
what yesterday was to today
before tomorrow has a name

you move through me
without touching
being without speaking
as silence is to sone
in words sung
from the one
who makes me sing


bright bluest
silver day

your promise
radiates all

to be
unlike another

this day
with possibility

it be
April not


each day
he follows her
about her rounds
head bowed
humble as a monk
a silhouette
silent as a shadow
one step behind
probing nook and cranny
where the small things hide
silent presence
loyal companion and guide
always ready when summoned
to look for what couldn’t be found
and nod to a question
without an answer
no need to look
or listen for a sound
for he is always
one step behind