Monday, October 19, 2015

The Silent Audience

you stammer and stumble
reading words that describe
azure skies drifting clouds
and an angled sun
tilted over a brilliant summer afternoon
while tree swallows
circle loop dip and dive
in dizzying arrays
and a little boy
chases his ball
around the yard
while you sit
amidst pastel blooms
singing arias to the golden sphere
suspended over an amber penumbra
aglow with the remains of the day
as the blind audience
smiles and nods
in silent agreement
to all they hear
but you know
light does not enter
the dark void
behind their eyes

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Road

if the road is willing
and the way
not too hard
we may meet
at the end
of the beginning
and start the journey again


out of a thatch
of brown furze
a stem arises
straight firm
erect and true
seeking the caress
of a coddling sun
nestled in the cradle
of a new day


they made it round
so it would roll
light so it could be thrown
seamed to grip
so it wouldn't slip
but skip curve dip
dive dance on air
soaring in high looping arcs
brushing clear azure blue
landing outside the fence

it was made for play
and bring people together
to share the ambience
of a balmy summer day
sitting on a bench
with nothing to do
but watch others
play the game
and wish you could
do it too

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

If You Go There

if you go there
tell me if the
cover is on the well
the barn is still there
and the tree stands
next to the house
by the dusty road
down the hill
where he used to get air
under his wings
and soar around the meadow
in the glider he built
setting it down easy
get out and laugh
that he had defied gravity
for a few moments
suspended on bone dry air
everybody thought he was crazy
but wouldn't tell him
so now he rests
wearing the grin
of a man who had
the last laugh

You Are To Me

you are to me
what yesterday was to today
before tomorrow has a name

you move through me
without touching
being without speaking
as silence is to sone
in words sung
from the one
who makes me sing


bright bluest
silver day

your promise
radiates all

to be
unlike another

this day
with possibility

it be
April not


each day
he follows her
about her rounds
head bowed
humble as a monk
a silhouette
silent as a shadow
one step behind
probing nook and cranny
where the small things hide
silent presence
loyal companion and guide
always ready when summoned
to look for what couldn’t be found
and nod to a question
without an answer
no need to look
or listen for a sound
for he is always
one step behind

Friday, February 20, 2015


you want it
but can’t get it
search but can’t find it

if you have it
somebody’ll grab it
if you owe it
you’ll have to pay
if you want to play
while ‘they’ have their say
with the lay of the game
and you’re one card shy
of making the big strike

never enough to go round
or satiate the taste
of a hungry hound
for more than he can chew
or swallow in one bite

have your say
make your play
go about your day
perhaps a way
will be found
before you make
your last sound