Monday, April 9, 2012

One Last Time

you see them
and know
it is the last time
your words will
reach for and
touch the intangible
bridging the space
between word and
idea for a
moment longer than breath

as the image recedes
you share origins
in the space
widening between you
and know it
will never be the same
after a shudder
ran through you
as you gazed
through mist

...when in wonder beholding...

will it ever
be as it

when number and
sequence held no

and all need
not fit a select

safe and secure
in its place

time did not
track where we

and all was
wrapped in wonder

nothing in something
rarely seen
seldom heard

only to be
imagined but

then gone

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cutting Grass

following the rotation
of the blade
bound to the rhythm
of routine about
my route
over the lush
green palate on which
I sketch interlocking loops
curvilinear arcs in
overlapping designs
freely as impulse
dictates without concern
for critical review
of choices
made on capricious whim
swinging behind
the will of a machine
yielding to its commands
slowing for curves
in case something
crosses the path
to challenge the
sport for a ride

David Sermersheim