Saturday, October 20, 2012

It Falls Away

it falls away
on timorous edge of touch
sifted between splayed fingers
like tears streaming down opaque casements
stained with memory’s poignant regrets
chanting laments in the place
where dreams founder and die
in resignation reconciliation and contrition

it falls away
dropped with a click
into the incremental notch of
transient temporal sequence
without loss or gain
return or reprieve
and no claims made
against what was left 
nor to remain as it was
when Adonis rode bare and free
forever vibrant lithe and fair
racing lazy summer suns

in moments perpetually new
rolled into the inertial coil of
roiling tides breaking
on rocky shoals
tracing memories 
laced on feathery edges
of swirling tidal pools
erasing sketches etched
into silt and sand
awash in azure blue
autumnal melancholy hue
fading into waning seasons
sounding in successive flourishes 
of an unfinished finale

it all falls away
tissue blood and bone
returned to ash and stone
resting in eternal silence
staking no claim
against loss or gain
of what is no more


we come to know
who we are
what we have become
and not to be
the last wave breaking ashore
washing aside what will not abide
the moment we know
in the way it is to go
as we are
the sum of what 
we have become
but one among
those who came and went
in their time
and fell away