Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Road

if the road is willing
and the way
not too hard
we may meet
at the end
of the beginning
and start the journey again


out of a thatch
of brown furze
a stem arises
straight firm
erect and true
seeking the caress
of a coddling sun
nestled in the cradle
of a new day


they made it round
so it would roll
light so it could be thrown
seamed to grip
so it wouldn't slip
but skip curve dip
dive dance on air
soaring in high looping arcs
brushing clear azure blue
landing outside the fence

it was made for play
and bring people together
to share the ambience
of a balmy summer day
sitting on a bench
with nothing to do
but watch others
play the game
and wish you could
do it too