Friday, January 24, 2014


leave it unfinished
fragmented elliptical                  wait              
                                                  let it settle                                              
a blank space                             to the bottom 
where a word                            where movement
might mean more                      is stilled
than the scheme intended          in essence fulfilled

a wandering line
exploring space                         try later
without purpose                        when the muck
direction or design                    lets light penetrate
                                                 the silt
a place for questions                 that obfuscates intention
without answers
or answers                                let it come
without questions                     as it will
                                                 in stilled breath
a frame                                     between sighs 
where an image                        when all is settled
might appear                             and time
                                                 does not await
while you ponder                     a premature conclusion
scheme and dream
of what may come
if imagination is left
to its own devices